Amelia greenhall
This is the portfolio of Amelia Greenhall. I work at the intersection of design, user experience, and data science. I live in San Francisco with my husband Adam Greenhall. I spend my time reading, writing, biking, climbing, and working on interesting things. Here are a few of those projects:
Du website thumb
Design and implementation of mobile first Ruby on Rails app.
A playful transit visualization for three cities using open source data to show the flow of riders on a bus line.
Open Review Quarterly 2010-present
A collaboratively edited literary journal on modern culture.
Awesome portfolio checklist
A one page printable that covers everything you need to do to have a great investment portfolio.
Budge 2011-2012
A mobile application designed to help start new healthy habits.
An illustration for a feminist anthology of science fiction.
An interview with Newsweek reporter Alissa Quart on the intersection of Quantified Self and feminism.
Hipster habit app
A printable, pocketable, foldable mini workbook designed to help you change a habit.
Period. the zine thumb
Comics, essays, and stories about menstruation and health.
An interview on NPR's Kojo Nmadi show about new consumer technologies.
Collectors 2009
A series of silkscreen prints about how we attempt to protect ourselves.
Personal health narrative
A conceptual illustration of how subjective health data could be displayed on a narrative timeline.
A postcard illustrating the things you need to get started taking a bike tour!
A talk about using moving averages as an early warning system for health and weight.
A data analysis for CNN Money exposing the high 401k fees at many employers.
Wages and salaries
A visualization of the change in wages and employment across various industries.
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